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Desktop And Server Solutions

Server Solution

With personal desktop computers and servers being so vital to the IT operations of companies, it is of little wonder that there is such a wide variety of these devices available. Desktop computers can vary in size and performance vastly, with small and inexpensive machines available for routine administrative tasks, to much larger machines for high performance jobs such as design. There really is no one-size-fits-all approach with them, so companies can expect to employ a variety of different desktops for their business needs.

Servers act as the heart of any computer network, from a network as small as a home office LAN, to one as large as an entire Intranet. These servers, or hosts, process the requests made by personal computers, which are known as clients. These requests can be as diverse as a desktop retrieving a spreadsheet stored on a server to a server distributing incoming email.

At some stage an enterprise will decide that their desktops and servers have reached their peak performance and that they now need to be replaced with systems that provide more computing power, so you’re now faced with a decision to either design your desktop and server solution in-house or to outsource the project to an IT solutions provider. If your thinking of designing your solution in-house then you should be prepared to coordinate meetings, manage suppliers, schedule downtime for testing, test applications, build a test environment, deal with software licensing issues, negotiate hardware pricing with vendors and check your current business software packages for compatibility with your new solution. On the other hand if you decide to outsource your desktop and server design solution to an IT solution provider you will avoid the headache of having to manage the solution in-house.

Outsourcing your desktop and server design requirements elevates the stress associated with your project, and knowing that your solution is being designed by a skilled and qualified IT consultant gives you the confidence you need to outsource your project, you can also take comfort in the fact that your IT project is being managed by a experienced IT project manager who will work with your company to ensure that all project milestones are being achieved and that your IT project is completed on time and to your exact specifications.

The Tecsenza Advantage

Tecsenza are industry experts and market leaders in the design and implementation of desktop and server design solutions. Tecsenza has the capability, reputation and resources necessary to create a tailored desktop and server solution specific to your needs. Tecsenza’s team of highly skilled network administrators, technicians and talented consultants can help you grow your IT infrastructure by leveraging our vendor partnerships and create a design solution conceived specifically to meet your current and future needs. Project management and coordination are essential for the successful deployment of complex desktop and server solution. Tecsenza’s experienced and capable project managers will work closely with you to ensure that the service transition is done seamlessly and professionally.

For more information on our tailored design services or to learn more about what our talented team of IT professionals can do for your business, contact us on 0845 474 4445 or email