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Firewall Solutions

Firewall Solution

It is quite possible for a company’s IT department to install a simple firewall solution that is cheap, economical, easy to install and configure and, much like a house of straw, can be all the more easily defeated. A more robust firewall design on the other hand, with a bastion server, DMZ, and customised software, requires coveted skills in areas such as IPS/IDS, TCP/IP and IT security to configure correctly.

A network firewall filters every piece of information that enters your company’s computers through the internet. Just as a physical firewall between two rooms or conjoined buildings prevents a fire from spreading throughout the structure, a computer firewall blocks potentially harmful data from infecting your network. Without an effective firewall in place, your network could be vulnerable to any outsider with an internet connection.

Placing a solid firewall at every internet connection in your network gives you complete control in managing security access on all network components. You can:

Most firewalls use one of the following methods to ensure network data and devices are secured:

The Tecsenza Advantage

As your business expands, so does your IT network. This can increase your vulnerability to outside threats and attacks. A well design firewall solution can protect a corporate network, servers, and related infrastructure from intrusion.

We believe that Tecsenza can meet all your security needs. Our trained technicians can conduct a security audit and find weaknesses in your operation. They can make recommendations on how best to protect you from intrusions by viruses, malware and hackers, source software and hardware from reputable vendors, install it and train your IT staff in best practices to protect your IT infrastructure by:

A Tecsenza designed security solution can help your business achieve the level to which you aspire. Our courteous and dedicated project team will work with you to create a security solution configured to your specifications.

For more information on how Tecsenza can design a suitable IT solution for your business, contact us on 0845 474 4445 or email