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Security Solutions

IT Security Solutions

At some point in time an enterprise will conclude that there IT security needs to be improved and that their current security solution needs to be reviewed. Picture the scene: your network or website has been hacked again or subjected to a denial of service attack, or all your email inboxes have been spammed by a spambot. Your in-house IT staff are telling you it is time to install an upgraded, customised security system, but you fear it means hiring more network administrators or spending a fortune to train someone on staff.

Securing your IT infrastructure requires more than just placing a firewall on your internet connection, you need to design security into the foundation of you IT infrastructure to provide optimal protection from intruders and to protect valuable business assets. Outsourcing the design of your company’s IT security means you get the benefit of having a qualified security consultant design a solution for you without the headache of having to manage the project in-house.

When a qualified security consultant designs the solution for you, you can rest assured that the design will not only meet your requirements but also comply with industry best practises. For our security team, IT attacks are an everyday occurrence. We have learned from years of experience in the field and know how to respond to threats in any given situation.

The Tecsenza Advantage

A company looking to create and implement a customised security solution needs a first class partner with exceptional security design skills and expertise. At Tecsenza, we believe we are that partner. We are familiar with and skilled in the design and implementation of custom security solutions. We can also source software and hardware solutions from reputable vendors and can design and tailor a custom security solution designed specifically to:

Our security design team will provide you with a custom designed solution that will protect your core business capabilities, providing you with security and peace of mind. Project management and coordination are essential for the successful deployment of complex security solutions. Tecsenza’s experienced and capable project managers will work closely with you to ensure that the service transition is done seamlessly and professionally. Regardless of your requirements, our courteous and dedicated projects team will work with you to create a security solution configured to your specifications.

For more information on our tailored design services or to learn more about what our talented team of IT professionals can do for your business, contact us on 0845 474 4445 or email