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Managed Application

Managed Application Services

The challenges

Keeping on top of application and OS technology and providing 24/7 operations support is not only challenging, but expensive. A business’s staff rely on having constantly reliable access to the key software they need to carry out their tasks efficiently. However, having the resources in place and a team who can dedicate time to maintaining this aspect of IT can prove very costly for most businesses. Let’s take a look at why attempting to provide a managed application service and OS implementation in-house might not be cost effective:

The solution

Secure, reliable, cost-effective outsourced server support, along with remote server administration and enterprise application support are what every company should strive to achieve. Research shows that the direct and indirect cost of a dedicated internal resource management infrastructure is generally 25 to 30% higher than if you were to outsource your infrastructure. Outsourcing your managed application & OS support allows your business to enjoy the following benefits:

How we can help

At Tecsenza, our first class support and management staff can implement and support a managed application and OS solution that is uniquely tailored to your business’s requirements. Our managed application and OS services are unparalleled in our industry, thanks to our dedicated team and our ability to call upon our ever growing vendor partnerships. We can design and manage a service specifically with your current and future needs in mind, managed by our team of highly skilled network administrators, technicians, and talented consultants who are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Project management and coordination are essential for the successful deployment of complex application and OS solutions. Tecsenza’s experienced and capable project managers will work closely with you to ensure that the service transition is done seamlessly and professionally. Our project managers will act as the main point of contact throughout the duration of the service transition and will assist you with services such as:

A Tecsenza managed application and OS solution will allow your IT staff to focus on their main duties, while we focus on our task of getting your IT infrastructure working as it should, providing you with opportunities to decrease costs, increase your business’s ROI and improve its long-term success. Regardless of your requirements, our courteous and dedicated sales team will work closely with you to manage your application and OS solution.

To find out how our managed application service can help your business, contact us now on 0845 474 4445 or email