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Managed WAN

Managed WAN Services

The challenges

As Wide Area and Local Area Networks grow in complexity, in-house IT administrators often find themselves unable to keep ahead of the situation. Add in the growing trend to keep in-house IT departments lean, trim, and focused on a company’s core competencies and it is no wonder that in-house WAN Services are becoming outdated. A successful WAN implementation and management scheme requires highly trained IT staff with specialised skills and tools, factors that most businesses simply do not have the financial resources to successfully implement. However, aside from cost, other issues should be mindful of are:

The solution

WAN services enhance the reliability of the connections and links between multiple LANs, add value to your IT infrastructure, and ultimately improve your network’s manageability. In short, a successful WAN implementation, if carried out by an experienced provider, can make your network perform better and offers the following advantages:

How we can help

In a world where the factors that set a WAN apart from a LAN or VPN are rapidly changing, a first class service partner with exceptional talent and skills is an invaluable asset. At Tecsenza, we are market leaders in the implementation of a Managed WAN solution. We can utilise our ever growing vendor and partner relationships to giving you access to support services that are world class and tailored specifically to your current and future needs. We use only the most up-to-date technology standards and source software applications from reputable and established vendors. You can rely on Tecsenza’s highly skilled administrators, technicians, and talented consultants who can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Project management and coordination are essential for the successful deployment of complex WAN solutions. Tecsenza’s experienced and capable project managers will work closely with you to ensure that the service transition is done seamlessly and professionally. Our project managers will act as the main point of contact throughout the duration of the service transition and will assist you with services such as:

At Tecsenza, we believe that anticipating and fulfilling our clients’ current and future needs is our key to your success. A Tecsenza implemented and managed WAN solution will allow you to focus on what your business does best, while we focus on implementing your network services and improving your communication capabilities. Regardless of your requirements, our courteous and dedicated sales team will work with you to create a WAN solution configured to your specifications.

To find out how we can improve your WAN and reduce your IT costs, contact us now on 0845 474 4445 or email