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Cloud Computing

Business demands on IT are growing and changing. With the need for cost effective solutions for both storage and networks that can handle high data burdens and an ever increasing number of devices cloud computing has become the best solution for most businesses. Providing both the capacity for a growing and changing workforce to access data and networks, it means that you always have access to the data when you want, where you want, with ease.

Key Benefits

Adding and getting applications up and running becomes easier, less time consuming, improves manageability and takes less maintenance meaing you can react to demand fluctuations in your business easily and with minimal effort. Cutting costs by minimising outlay for IT infrastructure means it’s suitable for businesses that might not have the space for on-site hardware such as servers and storage or when you don’t know if you’ll need storage or extra capacity on a permanent basis. Having flexibilty in your business systems can save you money and means no obsolete hardware taking up space or needing to be disposed of.

With Tecsenza we can access both the hardware and software to provide the perfect cloud solution for your business looking at both what your needs are and how they change over time to design a package that both meets your needs now and can provide capacity to expand in the future. We can advise on pricing plans and what they mean, to help you choose the best and most cost efffective.

Cloud computing can be vital in a business continuity plan and having the peace of mind knowing your vital company data is continuously backed up securely means you can grow your business with condfidence.

With data burdens getting ever larger the benefits of cloud storage are clear, reducing the need for additional hardware in the form of servers or external hard drives by providing secure accessible storage that can meet fluctuating demand quickly and easily cloud computing brings you flexible solutions to your data needs with minimal cost.


Tecsenza can design both cloud storage and accessible cloud computing to suit your business and staff model. Providing well designed solutions that will increase productivity and flexibility by enabling staff to work remotely with ease and on any device. With our trusted partners we can provide secure cloud servers that support business IT functions such as virtualisation and on-demand processes. We can provide 24/7 support with qualified staff to help you manage your cloud functions with ease.

If you’d like to find out more about cloud computing and how it could benefit your business, just call us for a consultation...

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