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A datacenre can be an expensive and complex solution to set up. So many considerations for in-house teams, both in the planning and implementation. It means staff time is taken up with getting things planned, built and problems solved and time can be lost from strategic projects.

A datacentre houses all your critical IT systems including telecommunications and storage, as well as a host of other functions and components such as back-up power supplies, environmental control and fire prevention. A large data centre can be an industrial scale operation and may use as much power as a small town! So you can see why such an important part of your IT infrastructure, even on a small scale, will need careful planning and the right support to make sure it’s an effective part of your system.

It also needs to be secure and planning for disaster and business continuity, should the worst happen, is a crucial part of building and managing a datacentre for your business. Remember all your critical systems and storage may be in your centre! Environmental control to ensure that components don’t overheat or get damp need to be part of your datacentre plan as well as making sure you secure it from tampering, theft or fire.

Key Benefits

Outsourcing the planning and implementation of a data can be beneficial in a number of ways. You can cut costs by having the right knowledge and skills from the start meaning the project is well planned. A site survey to make sure that you can choose the right site for your centre. No costly mistakes and equipment that isn’t right for your needs. You can have access to the best suppliers, who can not only source the best hardware and software for your needs, they can provide you with ongoing updates, so your centre is always compliant with regulations and innovations.


Tecsenza can help you with everything from site selection, choosing racking through to active fire protection and securing your site. We work with world leaders in datacentre design to bring you all the expertise and components that you’ll need for the perfect datacentre solution for your business. We’ll not only make sure it works for your current business but as it expands and changes.

If you want to know how we can help you with a custom datacentre solution that is right for your business, just contact us..

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