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Endpoint Security

With an increasing number of mobile devices entering the workplace the potential for attack has never been so great. With mobile devices accessing a number of networks and wireless hotspots means IT teams are facing unprecedented challenges in keeping company networks safe and secure.

Each laptop, phone or tablet can provide a path in for malware or a virus and endpoint security for each device and the network itself is a huge challenge that a business may either not have sufficient resource or skills to tackle. An attack can lead to devastating consequences and take your business offline for a considerable amount of time whilst the issue is dealt with, as was demonstrated by the Wannacry virus which hit the NHS and many other businesses worldwide last year. It may also put user and customer data at risk leaving you facing telling customers they may be at risk from identity theft or a number of other threats.

Key Benefits

Outsourcing to a partner means you can access both the technology and the skills, helping you to put in place robust and effective endpoint security that is right for your business model whilst still giving your team the tools they need to do their jobs. We can help you identify where you need secure access, which team members need it and what devices they are using. It can restrict web access so you keep control over who needs to access what and the risks associated with accessing potentially infected web content are minimised.

Combining anti-malware software, host intrusion prevention, data encryption, endpoint data loss prevention, mobile device management, device control, application whitelisting, technology compliance, ongoing vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection and prevention systems, managed security can provide the solutions for your business to meet the needs of your team and deliver a safe, secure network environment.

Endpoint security can have benefits such as frequent endpoint back up which can guard user data against both unauthorised access, accidental deletion or hardware failure in a device. With cybercrime on the rise you can also protect devices on your network and used by your business against malware and ransomware attacks even with the most basic security package. You can guard against unwanted activity such as copying onto unsecured devices such as USB drives or access to unauthorised websites.


Being secure also means that you lose less time and money through downtime caused by security breaches which can have a huge impact on your business. Choosing Tecsenza means that you can access the very best in both skills and the latest security options both in hardware and software from our trusted partners and the skills and knowledge of our qualified security consultants who can advise on the best options for your business. 

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