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Infrastructure Security

With constantly evolving threats such as spam, denial of service or website hacks an in-house solution to secure your IT infrastructure can prove both costly and time consuming, both in terms of time and skills. A potential attack can prove devastating to your business however and the need to secure both your network and hardware from threat in a cost effective way is a huge challenge for most businesses. Downtime can impact your business, proving costly in terms of staff time, lost business and re-securing your whole network.

With the increasing use of mobile technologies, security threats are coming from new quarters. Having robust and secure solution in place to protect your infrastructure from threats, keeping your networks and data secure even if your team need to work offsite is essential.

Key Benefits

With an infrastructure security solution you can detect threats, respond to them or even prevent them getting through at all. Using databases of known threats the system can prevent these from getting through firewalls or causing any damage and work to keep users safe wherever they are on your network. With reporting on risk levels and an ongoing constantly evolving threat database you can stop threats before they cause damage to your business.

With a managed infrastructure solution your business IT infrastructure can be secured using the latest security solutions at every level meaning damaging security breaches can be detected, responded to or prevented. The damage to and lost business you could face should your business face downtime due to a threat is avoided and you can grow your business in the way you want.


A managed solution means we will work continuously to improve your business IT security, predicting, highlighting and tackling any risks to your IT systems. We can be there to monitor your systems 24 hours a day 365 days a year, making sure you have the highest levels of defence against the constantly evolving threats.

Our skilled team will put together a managed security solution to include the very latest software from trusted partners who are world leaders in the field, security policies that work with your changing and evolving business needs. We will pro-actively analyse the risk to your business and recommend changes to meet any changes to risk or your infrastructure, maintain firewalls and monitor network traffic and prevent any damaging downtime by securing threats. Tecsenza can help you design the security solution that is right for your business, large or small. Our qualified security consultants can help you to build the right solution for you at a price you can afford and provide cost effective management 24/7.

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