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Infrastructure as a Service

Building your own IT infrastructure can be both costly and difficult, you may lack physical space on your premises, your IT team might lack the necessary skills to carry out the job and having an onsite facility such as a server room may be just too costly for your business. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) means that you can have virtualised components on your managed services provider’s servers to build your own IT infrastructure. This means that you can have virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses and load balancers with the hardware resource held on servers and network which your IaaS provider manages and maintains for you.

Key Benefits

This means the hardware you would normally have to make space for in your premises such as server rooms and network boxes all sits virtually with the IaaS provider, meaning you can use your business space to expand into without limiting your IT function. Your hardware, software, storage and maintenance can all sit off your site, ready to be used when you need them. A flexible resource that can work with the fluctuations in demand for IT resource that your business has, so you don’t have the cost of committing to hardware or software when you don’t know if you’ll need it next year or even next month.

You won’t have the headache of maintaining and supporting infrastructure either, the staff, parts and other expenses that go along with having your own hardware are with the IaaS provider meaning you save time and money. Using IaaS can mean you make a 20-40% cost saving compared to owning your own infrastructure and you’ll get the added bonus of having a skilled external team who can manage all aspects of your IT set up, freeing you to concentrate on your business.

The main benefits are the cost savings you make by not owning your own hardware and the ability to flex your IT needs. Extra capacity can be added in hours if you need it as opposed to the weeks it might take to set up new infrastructure onsite. IaaS allows you to consider other services such as automation of tasks, virtualisation and dynamic scaling opening up new and exciting possibilities for your business.

Storage capacity can be scaled up and down as required and can be accessed easily and quickly so you’re never in danger of exceeding your capacity. Your business is always operating at the optimum level and the costs for IaaS can be either fixed or flexible, whatever works best for you.


Tecsenza’s skilled team of experts can show you how IaaS can work for you, with tailored solutions that will give your business a world class infrastructure service that will flex with your business model. Our knowledgeable team will conduct a thorough infrastructure assessment to understand what you need, taking you through the process and letting you know where you can make cost savings. Once you have your solution we can install, manage and improve it with access to world class products to give you the competitive edge.

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