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Providing the perfect LAN (Local Area Network) solution within your company means you can make the best use of your staff skills and productivity. Ease of access and speed can make working within a LAN a productive experience. Your LAN can be as small or as large as you require from as small as three users to several hundred.

Maintaing LANs can be costly in both time and money and not all businesses hav the capacity for an in-house IT team or their current one doesn’t have the skills to manage the capacity they need or demand fluctuates.

Key Benefits

With different LAN solutions on offer such as ethernet or wireless it can be difficult to know which would best suit your team and premises. Tecsenza can help you identify what your needs are, the hardware already in situ, if any and what the best solution would be for your needs, not just now but based on your planned future growth.

Benefits such as support for virtualisation meaning far greater administrative control of your systems means you can customise your LAN to give you greater control over the applications and permissions your buisness uses to function everyday. Your team has the flexibilty to work harder and smarter through the use of new technologies such as wireless LAN and you get the service you need with the option to expand when you need to.


We can provide the best in hardware and software from internationally recognised trusted partners meaning your business can upgrade consistently with minimal financial risk and limited downtimes. You also have access to our accredited professionals who can advise on designing, building and running your LAN planning a tailored solution which suits how your business works now and in the future.

Our qualified staff will help you set up your LAN solution and provide the support and advice that will help you build and maintain your LAN with tips on anything from security to the best applications for your needs. With our trusted partners we can bring you the very latest technology from world class suppliers that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business perfectly.

Working with Tecsenza means you get the best LAN solution for you no matter what your business size and requirements. If you’d like more information on the right LAN solution for you, just contact us....

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