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Managed Desktop

With a managed desktop solution you can choose how your team accesses the company systems, managing users needs on an individual basis from a central point - meaning that each team member gets exactly the software and services they need balanced with the need for security.

This provides a flexible service which means each user can customise their desktop to reflect their own way of working, the software they need, the hardware they need to access, differing security permissions and job requirements - but you retain administrative control. This means your team can be can be more productive and reflect that they may have individual software preferences which can now be ported to other devices on the network. Software updates can be deployed quickly and easily to the right team members, security updates like anti-virus can be updated company wide at the touch of a button rather than having to update each machine manually meaning time and cost savings can be made.

Key Benefits

With obvious cost savings in terms of time and flexibilty, it also drives energy effciency, creating energy efficient desktops that drive your costs down and reducs your carbon footprint. Services are consistent across the whole company which means that cross team working in different locations is easy and seamless and your team can be more productive. You can add new applications quickly and efficiently to different types of devices and new desktops can be added quickly and easily to any part of the company.

It’s also secure and means you give users the freedom to work in a custom environment without exposing the network to risks such as the import of viruses via unverified software with all the risk of downtime that would entail. It means you can be sure all users have security updates they need when a new threat is identified. Our team monitor those risks constantly and proactively deploy updates to keep your network and users safe and secure at all times.


Tecsenza can help you design and build a tailored solution that will provide the hardware and software resource that your company needs to grow into the future. Our skilled team can help you plan and build the right desktop package for your needs and support it as your company grows and changes. With access to the very latest and best software and hardware from our trusted partners Tecsenza are the right choice to support your teams.

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