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Network Monitoring

By using specialised software and management applications you can have oversight and continuous monitoring of your entire network giving you the ability to oversee the performance, security and day-to-day working of your network processes. This gives you unique insight into where you can make improvements or tackle issues and apply solutions wherever needed.

By monitoring the day-to-day running of your network you can see functions like data transmission, errors, useage and downtime to determine where and what needs improving as well as putting in place protections against possible threats. Old or failing infrastructure can be identified and updgraded quickly and efficiently, cutting the need for downtime. Put in place pre-determined network limits and set up alarms to warn administrators when they are triggered.

Key Benefits

Have 24/7 SMS, email or other alerts to warn administrators of network issues such as device failure, outages or other issues. Improved security through monitoring means you know about issues as they happen and can take action to deal with problems and prevent them happening again - meaning peace of mind and the freedom to grow your business with confidence.

One of the most notable benefits of having network monitoring is that not only will you get alerts when something isn’t right, you can also through continuous monitoring find out about the reliability and performance of it too. By doing this you can also focus on where you can improve by innovating and using new technology to improve your network’s performance and identify where problem areas can be improved.

The results of monitoring can mean that you can innovate throughout your network to minimise risk in terms of downtime both through security incidents and overall degradation which benefits your business through cost savings and enabling your business to minimise downtime so there’s no loss of trading time. Having alerts means you know about issues quickly and can take action to resolve them, without monitoring this can result in costly and time consuming issues.

We can also help you maintain your network within regulatory guidelines and keep you compliant with all current regulatory  requirements - now and in the future.


Tecsenza can offer you a monitoring service which allows you to see the day-to-day functions on your network and any issues on it and suggest not only how to monitor it effectively but to make any changes that will allow it to operate more efficiently. We can offer innovative solutions from some of the world’s best IT and network providers to help your business network become future proof. To find out more just contact us and we’ll be happy to go over the options.

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