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Managed Security

Security is a constant concern for most business users. Breaches can have a devastating effect on your business, losing you time and money. Websites being hacked, denial of service issues and emails being subjected to spam can slow your business or even bring it to a standstill, taking time and money to rectify.

Placing Managed Security at the heart of your IT network will mean that not only can you prevent these happening in the first place but if it does go wrong you have round the clock, year round support from an experienced team who can get things back on track and implement solutions to prevent it happening again.

Tecsenza can provide security solutions which will help minimise breaches by designing security systems that work with the needs of your business and make sure your network is safe and secure, keeping abreast of the latest information on threats and proactively applying security solutions so you’re well protected. If the worst happens we can help get things moving again quickly and assess the threat and put in preventive measures - providing you with the peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected and supported at all times.