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Managed WAN

Managed WAN (Wide Area Network) services are value added outsourced services including monitoring, reporting, security and outsourced customer premises equipment (CPE). These can include a network containing groups of LANs and other systems. As with managed LAN systems management of WANs can provide a range of benefits such as streamlining and improving efficiency as well as providing alerts when issues occur or security is breached.

Using a managment service means you can not only manage problems but you can manage CPE installation, software or hardware updates and gain insight into the lifecycle of your network equipment and systems. A managed WAN can be installed as part of a more comprehensive network solution to control access and security across your network.

Key Benefits

A managed WAN offers the speed and simplicity to deliver vital network services, staying productive and delivering business objectives the way you need them, when you need them. It offers resilience in the form of a  high performance network structure that delivers the results you need and offers a custom solution that suits your business model, however large or small.

With service level agreements we can deliver a consistent, reliable service that keeps your business moving and growing providing the security and control that you need from your IT functions whatever shape they may take and whatever changes your business goes through.

With SMS and email alerts keeping you informed of any issues our optimised service means you can have complete confidence to keep your business running smoothly at all times and support to resolve issues or suggest improvements Tecsenza’s managed WAN service offers your business a truly comprehensive network service.


Using partnerships with some of the world’s leading networking providers, Tecsenza can offer innovative solutions to businesses who need secure equipment and data systems to move into the future. From designing to building and supporting the best in network solutions that truly drive efficiency and cost saving, we can offer a thorough assessment and a bespoke build that is perfect for your business.

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Managed Networks Services


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