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Network Security

When your network is compromised you can face damaging and expensive solutions to put it right. With the number of devices accessing networks in new ways and with a range of devices the potential for a security breach is high. These can be caused by simple human error, from the opening of an infected email to plugging in an unsecured USB device, in an instant, your network can be compromised and sensitive business information can be vulnerable to third parties. Finding network security solutions that are right for your network can be confusing and time-consuming. A managed firewall can answer a number of those issues by outsourcing the oversight of your network security needs.

But securing your network can be expensive and you may not have an in-house IT team or they may not have the expertise or time to provide the right network security solution. This is where a managed network security solution comes in. Working with an external partner gives you access to the right expertise and the very latest and best network security solutions from trusted partners in the field. From choosing the right managed firewall solutions and looking at your existing network security solutions an external partner can objectively advise on what the best approach to network security will be.

Key Benefits

From detecting a data leak to monitoring your email system a managed firewall service can give you the tools and expertise to secure your network meaning that you know your data and operations are safe from third party intrusion and you can grow your business securely. Even simple issues such as preventing spam emails which can eat up your team’s time can be eliminated meaning you can be more productive. A managed firewall solution can be set up and run without the involvement of in-house IT teams saving you money and staff time, it means if you have a small company with no dedicated IT team you can still have the quality managed firewall service that you need too!


We can provide a managed firewall service which keeps you safe on the internet, through email communications, from hacking and keeps you compliant with all the latest regulations for data security in your industry. Our qualified security consultants can provide advice on what are the right solutions for you and we can design, build and support a managed firewall that evolves with your business needs and the threat levels facing it. Our managed firewalls use the latest network security software to provide the very best security for your business with the highest level of support.

We can support and monitor your network security 24/7, 365 days a year and our qualified teams are on-hand to help should the worst happen. If it does we can work with you to minimise downtime and prevent it happening again with pro-active solutions to increase your network security when and where you need it. Working with trusted partners who can provide world-class network security solutions we can assess and understand the unique security risks you face and help you to find the solution that is right for you at a price you can afford.

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