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Remote Working

As team members become more mobile both within a business premises and outside it, the requirement to have more flexible, mobile IT solutions is a challenge that all businesses face. Remote working can mean anything from team members accessing your network from home or a client’s premises giving them and the business the flexibility to be working at any time and any place to fulfill business needs.

Key Benefits

Of course this has a number of benefits both for your business and your team. It can mean that team members can achieve a better work/life balance as personal commitments, such as a sick child, doesn’t mean that a working day is lost or your team can work in different ways to fit around personal commitments regularly or at short notice. Also you can have a team member working with a client directly at their premises and still accessing your network for the information they need to complete that job. You can conduct business functions such as staff appraisals offsite with ease or catch up on work during a journey.

Working with an external partner means you get advice on the best and most cost effective solutions to manage the devices and permissions for the members of your team that require remote working. With in-house teams it can be expensive and time consuming to manage every device and team member that needs remote access especially if that changes frequently. Managing and changing permissions and devices takes time and with considerations such as security and customised logins your team’s time is soon taken up with ever changing remote access. Adding a device or new access can be done quickly and easily without having to book time with an already overstretched IT team.


Tecsenza can help you manage this process in a number of ways. We can conduct a thorough assessment of both the needs of your team and the devices they currently have and what you may need to buy to achieve the most flexible and productive solution. We can advise on both hardware and software to make remote access for your team both easy and secure. With our trusted partners we can provide the best remote software and hardware solutions tailored to your business needs and manage all the day-to-day running of permissions, hardware issues and access problems through our 24/7 365 day a year helpdesk. Our skilled and qualified staff can take you from the first consultation through to growing and adding to your remote resource saving you time and costs leaving you with the tools to run your business with confidence.

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