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Running an in-house IT service desk can be both expensive and not an option for every business, but you need to have IT expertise on hand not just for when things go wrong but for day-to-day processes such as installing new software or staff questions about IT equipment. Many businesses simply don’t have the resource for an in-house IT service desk team due to either limited space, lack of staff skills or their business model doesn’t make it practical. A managed service desk service may be the answer for the business that is lacking in office space, cost resource and IT skills.

Key Benefits

A managed service desk offers a single point of contact for all IT queries no matter how small or large, from the serious to the day-to-day a 24/7 365 days a year a managed service desk can be on hand for your team. The IT service desk can be a simple as logging calls and reporting issues right up to full service managed resolution of issues including tracking the lifecycle of incidents, logging and resolving issues, working out issue trends and putting in place solutions for common issues. Our team can provide a friendly, professional managed service desk which can be company branded so it feels like an in-house resource without of course the need for office space, salary expense and training spend! Our managed service desk options are completely flexible and we offer a range of different services which can be tailored to suit your business from small to large so you can find the perfect managed service desk solution for your business.


Our teams can provide not only simple logging services but issue resolution and monthly reporting to enable you to review tickets and tackle any problems as well as being pro-active in preventing possible issues. We can be on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year, you can use our service flexibly as much or as little as you need to. Our team are specialists, meaning you have access to the skills and advice that you need and are up-to-date on the latest best practice guidelines - meaning you get a managed service desk you can trust to help your teams, now and in the future. With ticket management systems which means we can track and manage the volume of calls, the answering speed, abandon and waiting times all within an agreed service level. We also have access to the latest IT service desk technology and knowledge meaning whatever the issue we can find the right IT service desk solution. We grow with your business, providing a service that changes with your business’ growing and changing needs.

We can also offer specialist oversight services meaning you can gain insight into the unique IT issues that face your business by monitoring and providing analysis of monthly reports to suggest improvements to eliminate common IT issues.

Tecsenza can design a managed service desk solution which not only identifies your business needs but means you get a managed IT service desk that works for your team now and in the future. Just contact us to find out more...

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