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Virtual Desktop

With a fast moving business environment meaning that users often need to manage tasks quickly and switch from one to another to provide a variety of client services, virtual desktops offer a solution to multi-tasking within business. With either the ability to switch desktops or use an oversize desktop, it provides your team with the ability to switch tasks to meet demand and maximise their productivity.

Key Benefits

Virtual desktops mean your team can access their workspace anywhere in your business, coupled with remote and cloud solutions anywhere they need to. Providing your team with the ability to create and customise their own workspace for maximum productivity and access it when and where they need to has obvious advantages for increasing productivity. It can also reduce costs by minimising the need to have multiple copies of software on different devices with the attendant costs for licensing. Your team can access their workspace at a clients offices or at their home and work with their usual office desktop, switching for one workspace to another, depending on what they need to do.

Having persistent and non-persistent solutions means you can provide personalised solutions for those that require it or non-personal ones for staff that may change, for example if you use a group of temporary staff who need to have a uniform set of workspaces without personal changes. This means you can tailor your workspaces to the needs of your staff, saving storage space for those staff who need it most, saving costs on storage space.

One of the key benefits of a virtual desktop is that all the associated data lives in the cloudspace and not the ednpoint device and therefore is less vulnerable to either being lost or stolen along with the device, a major consideration with the proliferation of mobile devices and the risk of street theft.

Isolation also makes virtual desktops ideal for application testing. Developers often use virtualisation to run multiple desktops on the same endpoint, specifically for this purpose. That way, if a code change causes an application or entire operating system to crash, or there are other unintended consequences, it will not affect the developer’s primary desktop or the production environment at large.

It can also be beneficial when you’re moving between legacy and new software for example if you have applications running on Windows 7 and you are moving to Windows 10, delivering a Windows 7 virtual desktop with the applications you run on that into a Windows 10 environment.


At Tecsenza we can help you install both the hardware and software  for a virtual desktop solution that works for your business, with a detailed consultation our qualified and skilled staff can help you identify what your business needs and how virtual desktops can help you to boost productivity and grow your business.

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