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Managed WAN

Using a WAN means you can connect different parts of your business such as diferent sites and different LAN (Local Area Networks) together using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This can include both LANs and your cloud based systems or storage too. The benefits of this are easily seen, you can link virtually all your sites together wherever they are, whether it’s at one location or on different continents. Data and systems can be shared and consistent, with everyone able to access the same resources wherever they are. No finding out that a document done by someone at one site cannot be opened at another because software versions are different, you can deploy the same applications over the entire network.

Key Benefits

In fact it makes hardware and software accessible from anywhere within the WAN. Need to print a document on the colour printer at another site? Over a WAN you can print it out or place it where a colleague can access it for use.

A WAN can help you manage issues effectively by deploying solutions universally, by updating systems such as anti-virus or new applications to as many users as you need to. You can also intergrate hardware updates quickly and easily so your network can be added to when you need to expand. Use it to manage access and security and monitor useage to deliver better services across your whole network.

A managed WAN offers the speed and simplicity to deliver vital network services, staying productive and delivering business objectives the way you need them, when you need them. It offers resilience in the form of a  high performance network structure that delivers the results you need and offers a custom solution that suits your business model, however large or small. 


With a WAN you can also deliver custom solutions across your whole business network, driving productivity and because it’s a high performance network, you get the results that you expect from your business with speed and simplicity. We can provide both the hardware and the software to make your WAN a reality, whatever your bsuiness structure, giving you the freedom to grow your business with effective IT solutions from trusted partnerships with world class suppliers.

Tecsenza’s qualified consultants can advise you on the best WAN solution for your business and design, build and support you with using and expanding it as your business grows.

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