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Wireless LAN

A wireless local area network is a wireless computer network that links two or more devices using wireless communication within a limited area such as a home, school, computer laboratory, or office building.. The benefits of this for business are clear in that a wireless LAN network provides mobility within your site for your staff which gives them more flexibility to work the way they want in any part of your site. Technically, Wireless LAN service means any wireless local area network no matter what technology is used. Making wireless technology part of your everyday business operations means that your team can be more productive, working anywhere on your site. Adding the ability to use guest logins so that clients and suppliers can meet or work onsite with your team as required enables information to be shared quickly and easily and decisions to be made.

With the mobile technology becoming not only more common but covering such a wide range of devices you need to have not only the ability for them to connect to the network but to interlink with other devices on your Wireless LAN service. For example you might need a group of employees to be able to access printing and scanning to another device. Managed Wireless LAN solutions can be set up and running quickly and easily without the need for new hardware and often additional software. You may also have parts of your site which you need to work in but simply aren’t that easy to reach with conventional networks and wireless LAN solutions can meet that need.

Wireless LAN solutions are a seamless user experience both in terms of accessing a network, reliably and securely with confidence are some of the key elements which businesses consider when installing a network. Getting a managed wireless LAN solution designed, installed and managed might not be something an in-house team has the skills, resources or time to do, even if they have it may mean strategic projects have to be put to one side.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of installing a wireless LAN service are:

Mobility, enabling users to physically move while using a device such as tablets, laptops or smart phones or indeed other handheld devices such as card payment machines or scanning devices for stock control. Installation, in difficult-to-wire areas means parts of your site in which it might be difficult to install conventional LAN solutions can now be accessible. Increased reliability means you have a managed wireless network which is easy to access but at the same time is secure, can be monitored easily, permissions are easy to grant and you can see who is using it and when. Reduced installation time, with no complicated wiring or space taken up by hardware and it means you can scale it up or back as business needs dictate. Long-term cost savings, from both a smaller installation and a network less reliant on hardware. You can also save on time spent on installing software on individual machines, security updates can also be deployed over a network and you save time as permissions can be added instantly.


A managed wireless LAN solution with Tecsenza means that from design to install and beyond you get access to our world class expertise. Our qualified consultants can offer you the best advice on a wireless LAN service to suit your business from the right hardware and site to choosing software and security solutions that will give you a managed wireless LAN solution you can have confidence in.

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