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Managed Services

Keeping on top of all your managed IT services and needs can be both challenging and expensive for any business, especially when having dedicated teams working in-house isn’t an option either through not having sufficient expertise or business space. Having responsive teams and resources can be costly and time-consuming and can be difficult when teams cannot effectively supply skills, infrastructure and managed IT support. A managed services provider can help you solve a number of issues from helping you design a system which can be managed externally to just providing a service desk to support your staff. Finding a managed services provider that can meet and exceed those needs can be a challenging task as you need to know that you'll have access to the best IT support in all the relevant areas, such as security, systems design and staff training and support.

Managed IT Services from Tecsenza can provide all the IT outsourcing services you need. We can provide the expertise to support you in every area from security to sourcing the best hardware or software. Our support means you can save on staff resources to concentrate on strategic projects or training whilst still providing the very best in IT support for your business, leaving your staff with the knowledge and support to focus on increasing productivity and moving your business forward. Our outsourced managed services solutions can help save on costs in a number of ways from saving on specialist training for staff to the need to move into bigger premises with all the cost that entails. In short we can save you money whilst giving you access to the specialist services you need to move your business forward.

As one of the East Midlands leading managed IT services providers we can supply hardware and software maintenance, we have strong partnerships with leading vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco and Dell to name but a few, resource management, business-specific advice, employee training and best practice both in our work and training your staff. We can advise on industry specific compliance and security for even the most demanding sectors meaning you can be assured of the right advice for your industry. We're also one of the most flexible managed services providers too, meaning you can access as much or as little of our services as you need with packages that can be customised to suit your business needs.

To find out how Tecsenza can help your business just take a look round our site and book an informal chat with one of our qualified consultants who can explain how managed IT services can work with your business. We provide on-site surveys and assessments with our consultants who can help you find out what you need and how managed services will integrate with your existing IT infrastructure and teams. Our appointments are flexible and at times to suit you, so just drop us a line, give us a call and start finding out how your business can move into the future with managed services!